Cannack + Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the largest inbound marketing, sales and website platforms that leverages a supergroup of automation tools. As a certified agency partner, we not only maintain the required knowledge and skills necessary to make our clients successful using the Hubspot software but, we’re constantly informed about new features and take the necessary certifications as they roll out.

We also work closely with representatives to devise the best possible strategy and solutions for continuous business growth for prospects and our clients.

Just knowing that you are working with an agency that is backed and supported by Hubspot, a leader in digital marketing practices should give you a lot of confidence.


Outbound Vs. Inbound

Good marketing is expensive. Industry conferences, print ads, billboards and buying email lists are pricey and the return on investment can be lackluster. According to Hubspot, only 16% of marketers said that outbound tactics provide the highest quality leads for sales. Yikes!

Inbound marketing tends to be cheaper and more effective than outbound. Instead of interrupting your leads with aggressive advertisements, you can build a relationship with them by building trust and delivering the right content, to the right people at the right time.

This can be in the form of press release coverage, social media engagement, email marketing, blogging, SEO and a whole lot of other avenues that don’t aim for a silver bullet.


The MOST Common Bump in the Road

Many times a user will download the software thinking it will automate their processes and make running their organization easier. However, the software can be pretty complex and can overwhelm or even frustrate users who don’t take the time to set it up properly.

It takes time, effort and a whole lot of training before you can start to see the benefits of the software.

This is where hiring an agency with a team of experts can help cut the time you would spend on learning so, you can focus on your core competencies and do what you do best.


Ongoing Growth + Scalability

Aside from being a very robust sales and marketing tool, Hubspot’s mission is to continuously improve their platform to make it more and more efficient for businesses as time goes on. Similarly, our mission is to utilize their platform to run experiments, analyze metrics, and have a 360 degree view of all of our efforts so we can figure out whats working and what’s not.

Think of it like a machine-learning algorithm built specifically for your business that consistently evolves, improves, and adapt over time.

By partnering with Cannack & Hubspot, you won’t have to worry about wasting your marketing dollars on various tactics that don’t work or produce little to no ROI. You can be rest assured you’re the forefront of digital marketing and will never have to feel left behind.


Smarter than Hiring an Employee

Hiring experts in graphic design, web development, social media, content, or business development professionals for your company in general can be really costly. Whether you outsource certain tasks or hire a full-time marketing employee, working with an agency will save you more time, money and headache in the long run.

Think about the costs of health care, taxes, 401k, paid vacation etc. Hiring an agency that does your work in-house with experts in every field from web development to email marketing ensures you’re getting everything on your new hire wishlist. By hiring an agency, you don’t have to compromise with an employee who lacks those skills.

In addition, most agencies have a fixed monthly cost for their services which creates a predictable marketing budget and can help you scale quickly and more efficiently.


Thinking About DIY? Think Again

If you already have a marketing department and Hubspot experts in-house, an agency can still save you money on your implementation costs. When you purchase Hubspot, you’ll notice an “onboarding fee” that covers a range of services to get started.

  • A Hubspot Specialist for 90 days
  • Advice for CRM and other software tools
  • Advice for developing your first inbound marketing campaign
  • Hubspot support, training and access to the success team

When you purchase Hubspot from us, we’ll waive your on boarding fee of $3000. This is because we already have access to those services and can help you get started right away.

If you’re fed up with traditional marketing and tired of not seeing results, partnering with Cannack. We have the certifications, training and industry knowledge to help your business remain successful.


When to Hire an Inbound Agency

  • Internal team doesn’t have the bandwidth or necessary skills
  • Management doesn’t have a full understanding of inbound marketing
  • Website is not converting or needs to be reworked
  • Marketing team is overwhelmed and cannot produce consistent content
  • Needs to launch a strategy quickly
  • Having a hard time hiring or scaling in-house team
  • Inbound results have plateaued
  • Limited budget doesn’t allow for additional in-house staff


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