Virtual Event Consulting

Start building meaningful relationships online.

Whether you want to host webinars or a full scale virtual conference, digital events can be more cost effective than traditional in-person events. However, in order for it to look and feel professional, every part of the process needs to be well-thought out and strategically put together.

Our team can help you with:

• Defining goals, timeline and overall planning of the virtual event
• Getting guidance on choosing the right technology stack
• Developing your virtual event content and promotional plan
• Creating digital assets i.e graphics, landing page, marketing emails, CRM implementation, list segmentation etc.
• Automating the process
• Compiling pre-recorded video’s and adding special effects
• Live streaming to multiple platforms
• How to structure your virtual talk or session
• Review script outlines and promotional videos
• Marketing and running a paid advertising campaign to drive conversions
• A full production team and support during the virtual event
• Creating lead nurturing campaigns (if needed)

Types of Events we Consult on:

  • Live Webinars
  • Pre-recorded Content Webinars (evergreen)
  • Sponsored Webinars
  • Lead Generation Webinars
  • Off-site Training
  • Multiple Day Workshop
  • CE/Online Course
  • Speaker/Panel Session
  • VIP Experiences
  • Seminar/Conference
  • Employee Event
  • Speed Networking Event
  • Pitch Competiton
  • Hybrid Events

New call-to-action

“Thank you for organizing such an impactful event. This is incredible!” – Ry Russell, CEO of Knot Plastic

“This has been great! It was a pleasure meeting everyone, I look forward to the next one.” – Natasha Stone, Owner of Green Stone Financial 

“This was a super fun event! I’m a future retailer in Moreno Valley, Ca” – Rajan Patel, Owner at The Creamistry  

“Great event Chelsey!!! You rock, can’t wait to reconnect with everyone!” – Melissa Stapley, CEO of MJ Hybrid Solutions 

“This was amazing” Stacey Santoro, Director of Business Development, EIE Environments

“That was amazing! Thank you so much for putting this on! I cant wait until the next one. I would totally do this once a month if it was available. Really appreciate the experience.” – Chris Piazza, CEO of Canna Devices 

“This was so much fun! Really enjoyed meeting everyone and can’t wait to do it again and build on some great connections! Thank you, Chelsey!” – Samirah Ibrahim, VP of Operations at GreenRX ID 

“Thank you for the fabulous event, Chelsey and team! Strimo had so much fun participating!” – Helkin Berg, CEO of Strimo

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