Marketing & Sales Alignment

What Exactly is Sales & Marketing Alignment?

Both departments have two very different goals but, when they focus on achieving the same goal, they create a unified revenue team.

Sales teams are generally focused on prospecting, closing deals and meeting quotas while marketing teams tend to focus on brand awareness, increasing website traffic and generating conversions.

If marketing is expected to drive qualified leads for the sales team to close, they need to know why a lead is good or bad, what drove a lead to a close and if the leads they are handing over are indeed being followed up with.

If sales is expected to close leads, they need to know how to organize low quality leads over high quality leads, when to prioritize outreach and how to leverage marketing to create targeted sales material.

Without joint effort, no one knows what a good lead looks like!

Marketing and sales alignment integrates operations and enhances communication between both departments with the shared goal of increasing revenue.

How we Help Align Sales & Marketing

  1. Buyer Persona Development
  2. Ideal Buyer Profile
  3. Marketing Qualified Lead & Sales Qualified Lead Definition
  4. Lead Scoring
  5. Sales & Marketing Goal Setting
  6. SLA Development
  7. Lead Handoff Procedure and Feedback
  8. Sales Content Assessment & Recommendations
  9. Sales and Marketing Content Feedback Channel
  10. Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshops

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