IT & Digital Transformation

It’s not optional, the future requires it.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to reimagine and reshape how we do business. As consumers increasingly shop, learn, communicate and entertain themselves on a digital level, businesses must take a customer-first approach and integrate technologies or risk becoming obsolete.

Digital transformation is the alteration and improvement of a businesses activities, processes, competencies and models using a variety of using a variety of tools, automation, cloud computing, and programming. While this may sound like a scary process, we can help make it a smooth changeover with great results.

We have a team of information architects, developers and system engineers who are passionate about creating solutions to help improve business performance. To do this, we focus on automating business processes and integrating technologies into one main system.

Business Process Automation

We start by understanding your current business processes and goals within each department including Sales, Marketing, and Customer service. Then we’ll map out the current business process make recommendations for automation.

This could includes things like:
• Send a welcome email when a lead becomes a customer
• Use a chat bot to handle common customer service questions
• Create deals in the right sales pipeline based on a enrollment criteria or action taken
• Send internal email or SMS message to your team when a specific event occurs.

Hubspot Custom Integrations

Our team specializes in CRM Extensions, property mapping, timeline events, web hooks, workflow extensions and UI intervention/add-ons. We’ll work with you to design the most appropriate solution combining third party connectors i.e Metrc, Salesforce, Zapier etc.

Other ways we can help:
• Design information flow
• Troubleshoot technical challenges
• Train new system administrators
• New process documentation
• CRM audits & migrations
• Complex lead rotation rules involving multiple teams & weighted distribution
• Updating deals from ERP software
• Displaying 3rd party content within the Hubspot CRM

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